How a Custom Watch Box Helps You Trump in the Competitive Market?

Nowadays, the market is getting increasingly more challenging for businesses to come up with something unique and original to appeal to and win over consumers. And packaging has also been evolving and plays a big part in the game. The advance in packaging techniques such as die-cutting, printing, embossing, foiling, coating and lamination has especially facilitated the customization efforts.

They allow customers to create their custom plastic watch packaging boxes in the styles that represent their business most effectively. When it comes to printed cardboard boxes, the customers can even easily customize their own shapes and sizes without high setup cost. Where on the one hand customization has made it challenging, it has also provided companies with an opportunity to make their mark in a competitive market because there are a lot of businesses that offer a similar product.

Hard! Isn't it? The most beneficial thing for the companies is that they can use custom watch boxes as the greatest asset in beating competition between other brands.

Unique Shapes

Well, when customers enter a shop they skim through the products before picking any particular. It is because the packaging is the only thing that a customer interacts with regarding a product. To give your product a distinctive image, go for alluring shapes for product boxes and sizes that meet different needs. For instance, small, large, and medium boxes for the same product. It provides customers with a better chance to choose the product that suits their needs.

Not every time, everyone wants a bulky wooden watch box. You can use this to your advantage by providing medium and small sizes for your products, unlike many other brands, especially when it comes to sports watches, fashion women’s and kids’ watches. Novelty shapes and bright colors really shines.  (see this watch box for women for example)

Playful Printing

Printing plays a crucial role in grabbing the attention of the customers by playing with their minds.

Wrist watch are favored by the people of every age and gender. Get the benefit of advanced printing, such as laser, inkjet, and screen, to create designs in bright and bold colors for people of every taste and type. For example, kids choose imaginary, cartoon characters, animations, and shocking colors that develop more interest and excitement in them, whereas for adults, go for the minimalist designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the product.

While in plastic boxes, it’s not so easy to realize rich colors as in paper boxes, an economic solution is CMYK printed paper card inserts.

Fun & re-purposing designs:

People are more aware of the packaging and unlike the older times, they understand what they are buying and from whom they are buying. They evaluate the worth of the brand before investing their time, money, and effort in any business.

Use custom creative designs to create boxes that are interactive and keep the customers indulged in a product box for a longer period of time. Or the boxes can be repurposed to a toy or storage boxes, etc. You can add puzzles, dots matching, maze, and other games at the back of the box for the kids to have better interaction with the product, which increases the chances of repeated purchase. PacZone offers many choice for such fun packaging.


Branding is key to create a professional image of a brand that customers can trust when it comes to investing their money. Go for custom logos in foiling or embossing with lamination to give a high-end and better identity.

Customers always like to buy from a business that is serious about the way they treat their customers and represent themselves in the market because the competition is tough and other brands also offer custom size plastic boxes for their merchandise in and outstanding quality and brand name.