7 Major Types of Watch Packaging Boxes

Don't underestimate a packaging box. In this era of fierce competition, only excellent product with good packaging can make a hit. Clothes make the man.

This article is going to make a roundup of the common packaging methods, which also represents 7 different budget levels.

1. Cheap Cardboard Gift Watch Box

This may be the cheapest and most low-end type watch packaging. Main material used for this type of boxes is chipboard (recycled cardboard). They will usually be wrapped with color printed kraft or coated paper outside. One or several surface treatments may be applied to personalize. Such simple packaging is a good choice for single-use retail packaging of some cheap watches. And the packaging cost is minimized!

2. Plastic Watch Boxes

It is also a quite regular watch packaging option. There are two kinds of plastic watch boxes. One is a pure plastic box, with silk-screened (or pad printed) text and patterns directly on the plastic box. The other is plastic boxes lined with special paper, or flocking box. It gives a higher touch of quality. And some may wrapped with PU to produce a leather-like effect.  Such plastic watch boxes may be the mostly common in the retail stores.

Of course, the quality and prices of such plastic watch packaging from different manufacturer may vary a lot.  Some plastic boxes may be subject to extra surface treatment such as UV coating, spraying and electroplating, etc. to achieve personalized and more appealing appearance. 

(1) A big advantage of plastic box is that unique shapes and designs can be achieved more easily. But this will largely depends on the strengths of the manufacturer. (2) Plastic watch boxes can have assorted bright colors. 

PacZone is a leading manufacturer of such plastic watch boxes of excellent designs and manufacturing! All its watch boxes are stylish and last for a rather long time.

3. Boutique Cardboard Gift Box

Cardboard gift boxes can also be very expensive. Usually they are more bulky and better crafted than the type#1. And are personalized for high end gifts. Such type of watch packaging is a little more expensive and for single use only.

4. Wooden Watch Box

This type of packaging boxes are generally used in mid- to high-end markets. The material is mainly wood and MDF boards.  MDF wooden boxes are usually wrapped with PU or wood-like paper, etc.

5. High-end Wooden Watch Box

The reason for not lumping it together with the type #4 is, their requirements (and prices as well) differ largely. It's the most expensive type of watch packaging. (1) Material. Such high end wooden watch boxes use precious hard/solid wood. Sorts of wood mostly used include Fraxinus mandshurica, Northeast elm, Merano, camphor, linden, birch, colored wood, teak, beech, cherry, red sandalwood, cypress, yew, red pine, oak, yellow pineapple, Walnut, Schima superba, rosewood, rosewood, neem, toon, jujube tree, etc. (2) Gloss. Finish matters. Either matte or glossy, they require piano-paint-grade finish, as the gloss are supposed to last for quite long years. 

(3) Brands. These boxes are intended for authentic, luxury wrist watches. (4). Purpose. The wooden watch storage cases are far more than a retail packaging. They are art pieces of collection.

6. Crystal Clear Acrylic Watch Box

It is the kind of packaging box that is transparent on all sides, perfect for display, and made of acrylic. The most important feature is transparency, which can well show the appearance characteristics of the watch, allowing consumers to easily view the style and color of the watch. The visual effect is great! But plastic watch boxes can achieve the same effect to some degree.

7. Composite Packaging

Or double packaging, generally one gift box inside another one. It can be two cardboard gift boxes or cardboard box with wooden case. Such packaging is often designed for mid-to-high end markets. And it's expensive and seems to be excessive packaging.

[By: PacZone - Custom Plastic Boxes Manufacturer]